NuORDER by Lightspeed

Campaign Strategy / Design System /
Concept Ideation

NuORDER by Lightspeed is a leading B2B e-commerce platform helping brands deliver a seamless, more collaborative wholesale process, where buyers can browse products, plan assortments and make smarter buys in real-time. This campaign illustrates the benefit of NuORDER’s newest 3D feature. The main visual is composed of a set of futuristic icons and line art to illustrate the look and feel of 3D technology. The campaign as a whole demonstrates the ability of 3D technology and how 3D modeling enables brands to offer their buyers an enhanced digital experience.

NuORDER by Lightspeed 是一間B2B科技公司,旗下的軟體科技幫助品牌(Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren, Zagna, etc),採購以及美國百貨龍頭(Macy’s, Bloomingdale, Saks, etc.)提供更緊密的商務合作。在上市以來已幫助超越3千個品牌以及50萬家零售業的採購型態。這次的專案專注於整合最新的3D科技,讓品牌和銷售業能夠運用這項技術更精密的了解產品各個面向。這個專案的主視覺環繞在未來科技感,利用深色抽象背景線條藝術來代表環環相扣的服務。其中更大量使用了一系列的圖標設計在各式的廣告類別中,在大型輸出,網站以及社交平台上充分的表現出未來感。讓本次的主視覺也和最近的熱門話題元宇宙接軌。