Most people don’t know that fashion is the No.2 polluting industry in the world, second only to the oil industry. That is the reason why FABRICK exists. A fashion brand that provides rental clothing services for customers. There are three main services under the brand to advocate the idea of Buy less, buy better. Choose well, make it last.

FABRICK’S ultimate goal is to raise awareness to help people to stop purchasing fast fashion products, by doing so there are three main service that’s provided under the brand. First, a monthly swap party event that allows customers to swap items with each other to cutdown the cost of shopping. Second, a website that provides fashion consult and marketplace that helps customer to use exsiting item to create more outfit to avoid unnecessary purchase. Third, a rental clothing service on a mobile phone that allows customer to rent clothes based on different occasion or purpopse. This not only helps to cut down the cost but also helps avoid having one-time wear product.

A set of line art and soft color palette are utilized as the brand’s key visual to draw people’s attention and help soften the seriousness of this topic. It creates a friendly yet modern aesthetic to the brand.

大多數的人不知道其實服裝產業是繼石油工業後世界上第二大污染的產業。FABRICK成立的其中一個原因就是要減少人們對著快時尚盲目的購買。 FABRICK 旗下有三大服務,其中由提供客戶租衣的服務為主軸以及每個月定時的swap party (換衣派對)來提倡買少,買好,選好,選永恆?(是要表達不過時)的概念。